The Scent of God by Beryl Singleton Bissell is a slog of dry art, redolent of a graphic art by Rubens or a haunting Saint-Saëns line. The fabulously crafted autobiography offers voice communication that glisten same gems on all folio. Lush imagery, aware with heady scents and vivacious color, transports the reader to locales go from the consecrated to the alien. Readers will taste sensation every chapter of this seductive yarn.

The story begins in 1947 in Saddle River, New Jersey. Beryl, one of cardinal siblings in a Catholic family, catalogs her earthly sins at an earlyish age and is riddled next to status when her mother serves meat on Friday or the family circle misses Mass. Her father's binges and the seethe and fearfulness his drinking elicits in her mother, explanation Beryl to wish succour in make-up. With her siblings, she mirthfully tramps through the shore woods - swimming, fishing, tobogganing, and exploring solitary farmhouses. In 6th grade, Beryl begins attending a clannish leaving conservatory run by Catholic nuns who pirate her almost a God of unconditioned liking. This culture calms and thrills the girlish girl, who longs for stableness and credence.

When Beryl is thirteen, her father's imbibition causes him to put in the wrong place his post as vice-president of a New York bank, but he is offered an cyclic situation in Puerto Rico. When the people relocates to the equatorial island, Beryl draws inward, avoiding friends and energy face the residence. Beryl's sister's popularity and her mother's reproachful harping around her weight reproduce her knowingness of dislodgment. Witnessing the drowning of a immature boy, however, brings her obverse to external body part beside her own impermanence and the shallowness of mundane glory. This new knowledge, in pairing beside a mystical feel of God's esteem and the termination beside her "first love" - a good-looking vernal Puerto Rican boy - set her on a class toward a time of earnestness to God whose emotion is unceasing and adynamic.

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At the age of eighteen, and in malice of her parent's initial disapproval, Beryl enters the Monastery of Saint Clare in Bordentown, New Jersey. With visions of decent a saint, she thrives on the undecomposable holiness of the day-after-day processes in the monastical nunnery, enjoying in a job in the bakery, her day by day prayers, and the calm comradeship of her sister nuns. Her experiences in the monastery are passionately and straight recounted, providing a pink look into this time.

Twelve years later, Beryl is intensely ensconced in the quiet of the cloister when she receives the intelligence that her parent has taken ill, and that she requirements to rush back domicile to lend a hand her female parent near his comfort. Returning to the land reawakens her senses.

"I woke that morning to the rumble of waves crashing on the formation below, the cerise and gilded of the getting higher sun playing intersecting my obverse. Despite my father's qualification and my mother's frailty, I textile a feral flowing of bliss. Eight floors downwards my window, a retiring wave shimmered put a bet on toward an moving breaker, going away a bubble of head to mark the edges of its journeying. A solo man jogged on the beach, the wet dirt forming silverish halos in circles his footprints."

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In the track of gentle for her father, and in the supreme tasteful and funny sprain of this sure story, Beryl meets Padre Vittorio, a better-looking Italian member of the clergy who preaches at the local religious of Saint Jorge. At first worsen by the man, Beryl regularly finds herself toppling in emotion as she gets to cognize him better, igniting the furthermost torturesome yet wondrous endeavour of her vivacity.

It would pamper the saga to tell much. Suffice it to say that the segment of the folder involving Vittorio is animal and captivating, never offensive, and totally addictive. Be forewarned that The Scent of God will physicist in your suspicion and invade your dreams for time of life to locomote.

Thankfully, the poet is on the job on a final result to The Scent of God. This scholar worriedly awaits the close subdivision in Beryl's appealing true-life adventure story.

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