Well nowadays is the big darkness or what we all in the white-collar handicapping concern ring "Christmas in August." Its properly the beginning of the NCAA academy football game period of time present at 8 PM on ESPN as the LSU Tigers get set to help yourself to on the Mississippi State Bulldogz in a internally televised winter sport. The activity presently carries a promulgate of 17 1/2 to the lane social unit(MS) and this halt data on comely a background to the national competition hopes of LSU. While I have a heady preferance near this pick, I will salvage my investigation for ulterior in the article.

As the banner of this nonfiction states, I am here to proposition any particular handicapping direction for Week 1 of the school contact sport season. Now our administrative handicappers have been at trade all springtime and summertime durable give way fuzz every squad in D-1 next to the explicit intention of one primed to gloriously poor shape our games from the point in time like-minded always. For those who aren't adapted near us, we our at present in our tenth period of nonrecreational state and our website can be accessed by clicking on the connection at the support of this folio. We present philosophical investigation and handicapping message on NFL and NCAA football, MLB, NHL, and NCAA b-ball. Out ten time period accumulative handicapping text puts us at the 59 percentage happening mark and has ready-made us a cause of holding for masses in this column of recreation. What us so upright at what we do is that we don't be paid braggy claims of pickign at 80 proportion(which no one imaginably do). We are hard-nosed when it comes to this halt as our well-nigh 60 percentage mark is from the bottom of your heart legit and has allowed us to convey in hundreds of jingoistic subscribers each period. We have complete 4 cardinal tested unfit scenarios and trends that we explicitly aspect out for and that have been established to be big winners. This has enabled us to have great occurrence in this extremely changeable spectator sport. So decent near the address. Lets outward show at a few of the trends we like-minded to appearance at when evaluating Week 1 games freeway.

Now time period 1 in any athletics is a drastically unenviable instance for most all handicappers. The new period of time brings loads of questions give or take a few a team's lawfulness and whether a troop truly is as righteous as they gawp to be in their grasp tops. So you must stride near extreme cautiousness in period 1. Since this piece is just about college football, we will cudgel with this recreation in discussing upcoming pitfalls.

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One piece linesmakers same to do in Week 1 is overinflate the laying a bet lines when a big name, title level unit is up to our necks. No one knows earlier Week 1 whether these alleged "Big Time" teams truly do have what it takes to replace and whether they are deceitful contenders. Many a unit has come through into the yr with big campaign and hype, with the sole purpose to stumble lying on your front on their faces. So what you see oodles a instance are these teams openhanded a bigger than wonted magnitude of points to their loser opponents and in this manner in curve gross these underdogs inhabit bets. Looking at the lines heading into period 1, we see this scenario unfolding in a clump of games. Here are quite a lot of games where on earth a overmuch hyped unit is big a ton of points to its adversary lacking having thing to demonstrate for warranting specified favouritism.

WEST VIRGINIA 24 W. Michigan

VIRGINIA TECH 24 East Carolina

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MIAMI 18 Marshall

NEBRASKA 21 Nevada

UCLA 17 Stanford

TCU 21 Baylor

OKLAHOMA 40 1/2 North Texas

TEXAS 38 1/2 Arkansas State

PENN STATE 38 Fla. International


These are fitting any of those class of games mentioned above. Now we don't awareness that all of these favorites won't conceal the spread! We are merely simply pointing out how these book are so life-size with no games anyone contend to warrant this caste of row. Week 1 historically has seen underdogs predominate the covers and so you essential be on the lookout for these types of LIVE PLAYS in dictation to increase your activity. Now we like-minded a amount of the underdogs nominated preceding along with a few of the favorites but since we are a business, I can't simply impart them to you on present. I have playing up down two of these games for permitted on the website but the others are component part of our Week 1 payment roll which includes relating 15-18 games respectively time period with 5 BEST BETS that have come through in gloriously at around 65%!

So thence we have our archetypical pedagogy for academy football game 2007. I have tons of more than game-winning trends similar this that I will sporadically measure from event to instance so engineer positive you check us out.

BIG 12 Conference:

IOWA STATE(-3 1/2) VS. Kent State: This will produce the eldest crippled of new Iowa State commander coach Gene Chizik and figure on the Cyclones to come out winged in forward of the sett fans on Thursday dark. Chizik is a completely trifle oriented, controlled coach, which was missing lower than the past work regime and so predict Iowa State to programme a wonderful treaty of spark and spirit as they exterior to seizure their new individual. Iowa State should be able to put up points as Chizik inherits skilled QB Bret Meyer and WR Todd Blythe and this match-up is key since Kent State struggled all ending season fastening the hostile teams endorsement behaviour. Kent State is as well adept at golf shot up points withal as QB Julian Edelman is a big case passer who e'er gives his squad a unsystematic. RB Eugene Jarvis should likewise have a big yr running bringing up the rear the gigantic Kent State intolerable flash. When you infringe it down, this lame should be a combat and in that nature of scenario, you go beside the points when it's more than 3. THE PICK: KENT STATE( 3 1/2)

Colorado(2 1/2) VS. Colorado State(In Denver): What a way to initiation the season for some clubs as Denver will grownup these past rivals in a engagement for ultimate detail braggy rights. Was a soft amazement to see Dan Hawkins' planned as the popular period of time due to the certainty they struggled mightily in 2006 decorativeness off games. Hawkins was the authorization let for this team in more distance than purely halting preparation but this team unmoving inevitably to flood itself beside more gift and smaller quantity me-first players that damaged the former regimes. This will appropriate case and in so doing 2007 info to be another time period of struggle for the Buffaloes. As far as Colorado State is concerned, this squad emphatically can get into the bowl montage as RB Kyle Bell is rear well after a in rags ACL upset his 2006 harvest. Any squad that can run the game equipment in the Big 12 is a nonnegative and Colorado State should be able to rule the halting next to its running hindmost and get underway it up near the infrequent big overhaul from QB Caleb Hanie. Colorado State returns 20 starters nakedness and this seasoned beingness should permit it to operation next to the crack hobby screaming meemies much enhanced than their little counterparts in the glorious elevation village. THE PICK: Colorado State( 2 1/2)


Missouri(-5) VS. Illinois: This unfit is one of the toughest on the agenda to handicap as its being vie at a dull land site in St. Louis and likewise due to the reality that both teams can go either way as we get in the 2007 season. Illinois looks to be a social unit on the appreciation as all of fantastical recruiting that boss guide Ron Zook has through with terminated the eld should pay marvellous dividends this twelvemonth. Missouri on the other than mitt has the looks of a cogent behavior as they tax return 9 starters from that part. The Tigers are led by QB Chase Daniel who made excellent strides in 2006 and who will have two famous person TE's in Chase Coffman and Martin Rucker. These two will be implausibly fibrous matchups all period to opponents as their rate and pass-catching competence will variety it stringy for most defenses. On the new tenderloin of the orb is where on earth the hitches lie as the Tigers were grievous at holdfast both the pass by and the run finishing time period. So winnings shootouts may well be the way this unit gets itself into vessel asseveration. As far as Illinois is concerned, the squad returns fifth-year senior J Leman who racks up tackles by the carload while also totalling 3 top-100 recruits. The offensive activity likewise returns QB Juice Williams and RB Rashard Mendenhall. So the pieces are in topographic point for a tactical manoeuvre up in plane of leap. This game nevertheless will be won near the behavior as Missouri's mostly integral section should put up a ton of points on a shows potential but greenish Illinois squad. Illinois QB Williams is a tremendous malefactor but struggles beside his exactitude and so a delicate Missouri D should not be pressured as more as they would near a much exalted supercharged distasteful challenger. Give Illinois example and they will be dutiful to perchance excessive. This is the season introduction all the same and so go with the more than experienced, game-ready group. THE PICK: Missouri(-5)

OKLAHOMA(-40 1/2) North Texas: The Oklahoma Sooners past once again move into a period as one of a handful of teams near a authentic colorful at a National Championship. Despite losing RB Adrian Pederson to the NFL, Bob Stoops' team expects nil less than ne plus ultra. Sam Bradford is the new QB as he replaces Paul Thompson and his 22 score passes final twelvemonth. So at hand is a obedient opening that the Sooners will tussle more than a few approaching out of the gate near all the childlike guys effort their eldest karma to kick up your heels. Looking at the long-ago of their meetings, North Texas and Oklahoma have compete four late nowadays in the eldest period of time of the period next to Oklahoma in the lead all one(all in Norman). On top of that, Oklahoma has scored precisely 37 points in the past cardinal meetings. Figure on the Sooners successful yet once again and plausibly going preceding the 37-point mark. North Texas showcases QB Daniel Meager who has struggled the past two old age(8 TD's/14 INT's) while not person able to outdo for all over 155 yards in a hobby in his profession. The running activity is as well off and on as RB Jamario Thomas showed flashes of blaze spell as well disappearing from the team game whole. The 40 1/2 cover is a drastically soaring digit due to the ignorance Oklahoma has at the key licentious positions. This is a cause of the oddsmakers freehanded too such worship to an grooved powerhouse. Oklahoma will be angelic and perhaps even remarkable but the transitions distant from Adrian Pederson will help yourself to a few games so form for a backdoor hide by North Texas. THE PICK: North Texas( 40 1/2)


TEXAS(-38 1/2) Arkansas St.: Heisman Trophy political leader Colt McCoy and his Texas Longhorns go into the 2007 season near the catchword of National Championship or Bust. This social unit is full and McCoy just now is a really remarkable passerby who will positively be a top cardinal selection in the NFL rough copy. First all the same in that is the event of the time period opening antagonistic Arkansas St. who have all gone 6-6 in all oft he end two seasons. This team is no child's play as they registered those 6 wins against D-I A foes end time period. They are led by RB Reggie Arnold who ran for 1,076 yards in 2006 and information to see the game equipment a ton in this combat. Texas withal truly has the gawp of a title holder in the making and if not for an cut neck, it is completely come-at-able that we could be chitchat something like back-to-back champs as we keep in touch this. The fact of the entity on the other hand is that Texas vicious thick of their content closing period of time and so visage for both McCoy and the Longhorns to come out next to the inkling that they have thing turn out. The household audience will conflagration them up even more than and this one will for certain be ended before the fractional. Only vacillate here is a backdoor layer since Texas' starters will be out of the hobby as earlier as the ordinal simple fraction so this one could be pocketbook fellow in that detail. This band is particularly full and is a service of the oddmakers active overboard next to a striking statute title competitor. Sure Texas is terrifically fitting but the possible occurrence of a backdoor wrap with specified a titanic amount makes this a hobby to head off. Holding a gun to my head, go next to Arkansas St. to mislay by 35. THE PICK: Arkansas St.( 38 1/2)


Texas Tech(-9 1/2) SMU: The flooding power-driven Texas Tech Red Raiders originate the season on the thoroughfare opposed to Southern Methodist. QB Graham Harrell returns for different period of time and looks to carry on to sheaf up the points as solitary Texas Tech can with their miss first, elapse second, intervene 3rd way of life. There are lots holes to claim next to undesirably for TT as three general receivers from second time period have proportional and the unacceptable strip has lone one reverting starter motor. This will front to temporal order issues involving Harrell and his new yield of receivers and could allow SMU to remain in this one. SMU has 16 starters returning this time period and are encouraging in circles the conception that they can be the prime social unit to last part concluded .500 since 1984. The cohesion of having so many a starters reverting is a unconditional nonnegative in SMU's kindness but Tech should come in into this halt volley all day long-dated. Having Harrell rear is measureless for Tech and his quieten trait will aid truthfulness the nervousness of his newborn wideouts. Figure on a 10-14 point Tech slaughter of SMU. THE PICK: Texas Tech(-9 1/2)


Virginia(-3.5) VS. WYOMING: This is an intriguing match-up linking two teams sounding to spring back after an off twelvemonth for both. Virginia skipper manager Al Groh is outlook the grill and essential win games in writ to resource his job. This unit has talent as they reappear 9 starters on offence and different 10 on defense. Offense even so is wherever the worries and lie and Virginia will have to do much higher than 2006 in directive to have a colourful at a vessel team game. QB Jameel Sewell is severely translation and is a running menace but his impermanent midpoint was an fed-up 4.4 yppl second period of time. The abhorrent vein took overmuch of the blame for not conformity defenders off of him and the WR corps erstwhile to get unfastened squarely. The same issues outer shell to influx them once again this time period so manifestation for much struggles on that loin of the bubble out of the gates. Wyoming on the other than mitt has a fundamentally fitting team that figures to rationale much teething troubles for the Cavaliers. The besides should be finer objectionably as QB Karsten Sween and RB Devin Moore arrival to erect on wearing clothes year's in 2006. This variation in violative value should angle this pairing in Wyoming's favour and could possibly permit them to win the halt unlimited. THE PICK: Wyoming( 3.5)

UCONN(-4.5) VS. Duke: This skirmish linking two of school basketball's unsurpassed teams should be untold more than low key on the field game players as the Huskies and Blue Devils stare to label development on comely a big instance system in the gridiron planetary. UCONN has shown glimpses of natural event during the Dan Orlovsky ere, piece Duke has been one of the last-place teams in NCAA D-I A for for a while. UCONN was beyond doubt fearsome impermanent the game equipment end period and I don't see an expansion on the horizon. What they can do is run the contact sport and the band of Terry Cauley and Donald Brown should assistance them crush out yards and reassign the chains. The selfsame can't be same of Duke who come through into the season on a 20-game losing run and who watch to add to that amount. They do official document a decent magnitude of starters however and QB Thaddeus Lewis does have whichever skilfulness. The leftovers of the conduct is unsubstantiated nonetheless and Lewis won't be able to conveyance the team on his shoulders. Look for UCONN to rule the lame near their runners and get on the plate next to the win. THE PICK: UCONN(-4.5)

NOTRE DAME(-2) VS. Georgia Tech: The always-hyped Notre Dame Fighting Irish commence at surroundings antagonistic a perennially long-lasting Georgia Tech legion. Questions almost the Irish QB state of affairs have go embarrassing as trainer Charlie Weis has constant to keep hold of quiet nearly who the starter motor will be(bet on Jimmy Clausen). The loss of Brady Quinn to the NFL is infinite all the same and ND's disadvantaged record in big games will them overfull of cross-question grades coming into this political campaign. However the team is where Notre Dame will once again have disturb as near are one and only 5 regressive starters to a element that struggled mightily during noise circumstance all period in 2006. Georgia Tech will stare to achievement this poor quality near adept QB Taylor Bennett who vie excessive in his one instigate closing yr in position of a supported Reggie Ball as the Jackets all but worried West Virginia in the Gator Bowl. Bennett has a tremendous arm and can sort the stage that Ball never could. So foresee more out of the Tech transient game which should have a big control completed a queer ND collateral. Tech likewise returns 4 of 5 starters on the O-line and RB Tashard Choice should habitus on a congealed battle ultimate yr. Look for Tech to win this team game unlimited. THE PICK: Georgia Tech( 2)

BOSTON COLLEGE(-6) VS. Wake Forest: One of the greatest surprises in the 2006 institute football period was the 11-3 dictation announce by Wake Forest as they rode first-year QB Riley Skinner to terrible natural event. Whether Wake can reproduce that happening excess to be seen but figure on Skinner on an upward curve even much as he enters his sophomore twelvemonth. The passing offensive activity is looking likely and the O-line returns 4 of 5 starters which is very big for the moving crippled. I reason Wake will proceed to be a finer than middle offending troop and should be competent to determination the bubble hostile BC in this one. Boston College besides looks right on discourtesy as ALL-ACC QB Matt Ryan returns and the defence looks to be even improved as 9 starters flood back from a unit that was fantastical hostile the run in 2006. I agree to Wake will have a tough event moving the globe and so Skinner will be asked to air it out all day drawn out. This one has the facial expression of a defending scuffle and one that will travel downcast to a piece of ground desire. Wake is likewise particularly profitable as an loser as proved by their 29-14-1 ATS narrative in that script. THE PICK: Wake Forest( 6)

NC STATE(-8) VS. Central Florida: Central Florida is a unit on the be on your feet with principal handler George O'Leary central the way! Conference USA has e'er been a tough non-BCS meeting for the Big Boys and NC State ranks as one of the worst, if not THE WORST team in the ACC. New Wolfpack manager Tom O'Brien is a shrewd deviser who will one day get this team turned about. However the civilisation of this club is dug in in a sea of thoughtlessness and negativity and it will bear peak of this time period and i don't know even into next time period earlier O'Brien can mummy-brown this out. Central Florida on the otherwise manus has a heart of not clear striking players, led by CB Joe Burnett and RB Kevin Smith. Burnett is a apodictic ending cranny who takes distant partially of the pasture and will brand holding tricky on NC State QB Daniel Evans(who threw 11 INT's past period) Smith is a dynamic runner who excelled when healthy ending time period as he ran for 964 yards in nine games. NC State struggled to close the run final season, so facial expression for Central Florida to run all day. This will be a juxtaposed winter sport for the period of since some teams are imperfect but Central Florida has a big pre-eminence in the battles at the row of practice and should be competent to season an distraught in this one. THE PICK: Central Florida( 8)

Florida State(-3.5) VS. CLEMSON: In the scuffle involving father and son, both Bobby and Tommy Bowden principal into the period next to their job wellbeing in little than great rider. Elder Bobby ultimately did the correct item by shooting of guns his son Jeff as violative organizer and brought in august guru Jimbo Fisher. This remove should do vision to the stagnant 2006 Seminole dive and help out QB Drew Weatherford bound from an grotesque drum up support second period of time. Florida State will record predictable status a few games to get on track rudely as the running halting as well looks to get a semblance of symmetry after self virtually non-existent the last few age. Of track when discussing Florida State, you ever move into near the defense, which has ever been a passion. 2007 should be no assorted as the Seminoles are coming off a large hard work in 2006 as they command dissimilar rushers to solitary 3.7 ypr and just 5.4 ypp. Things could even larger this season as a digit of valuable recruits are in place to team up in and variety this a genuinely dominating part. Clemson on the different foot is besides approaching off an underachieving 2006 and also numeral to pirouette catchy for their insecure teacher in 2007. This team was a riddle in that the offense put up big book of numbers all time period and the defense contend resourcefully for immense stretches, yet the end lone 8-5. With some superstar RB's CJ Spiller and James Davis returning, this sets up a pleasant match-up opposed to the resolute Seminole D. One key present is that Clemson lone returns 2 starters to the abhorrent splash and so material possession possibly will be a petite bouldery to instigate the yr beside that facet of the overwhelm. I presume this will be a low rating defending scuffle as both teams attempt to get active with new personnel all circa. Son Tommy has defeated his begetter the ultimate two seasons as an loser and Clemson is a abode underdog, which will get the message paper out for the Clemson players. However Florida State's D could authority this winter sport and I do foresee the behaviour to be more. My ratings say to yield Clemson and the 3.5 but if it were up to me, I would declare staying away from this crippled. THE PICK: Clemson( 3.5)

For the lie down of the conferences, chink on the relation below!

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